Get ready for a spook this Halloween!

Today is Halloween, a day synonymous with scary costumes, jack 'o' lanterns and the famous Trick or Treating! It's an opportunity for people of all ages to dress up and paint their faces and mimic their favourite scary character.


In celebration of this spooky feast, here are two fun facts for you…


Did you know that the tradition of dressing up in costumes came about as it was once a way to hide from ghosts? People believed that spirits of the dead would return during this time of year. They, therefore, wore masks when they left their homes in the dark so that the ghosts would think they were fellow spirits. 



And what about the tradition of Trick or Treating? To keep these ghosts out of their houses, people would place bowls of food outside their door as they believed this would make them happy. This is how Trick or Treating as we know it came about!


trick or treat

If you have trick or treating plans this evening, make Costa your meeting place and fuel yourself with a coffee before your journey! If you're too keen to start knocking on those doors, take your Costa to go. Don't forget to bring your travel mug for 15% off your order!


We love Halloween! And that is why you're in for a spook today as our baristas will be serving you in their favourite scary costumes… Do you think that your costume can beat theirs? Come down to your nearest outlet and see for yourself!

Halloween costume