National Cappuccino Day

Today is a special day for all coffee lovers, it’s a day when we celebrate an all-time favourite coffee… it's National Cappuccino Day! Made with espresso, frothed milk, and some chocolate powder on top, this delicious beverage has stolen the hearts of many!


Here are a few fun facts about this delightful frothy drink in honour of this day:


The word ‘cappuccino’ is known to be derived from ‘kapuziner’ – a habit worn by a Capuchin Friar Marco D’Aviano, who frequented a Viennese coffee house during the 1600s. The name of the beverage is said to have been inspired by the colour of his habit.






The cappuccino as we know it today came about thanks to the Luigi Bezzera, the Italian inventor of the first espresso machine in 1901. If it weren’t for his great invention, the cappuccino would simply be a frothy latte.


In Italy, the homeland of the modern cappuccino, this drink is usually consumed with breakfast at 11 am. It’s frowned upon by locals to order it after that time, and especially after a meal!


So as you can see, the cappuccino is more than just a warm beverage… having a history that dates back to the 1600s, this drink should be prepared with the love that it deserves! The Costa community respects this, and our baristas have been trained to make the drink with the perfect amount of froth and at the right temperature every time!




If you prefer to go plant-based, order yours with our range of plant-based milk that are specially produced to froth.  Choose coconut or almond milk if you’re in the mood for some extra flavour in your drink.


And how about a sweet treat to complement this frothy delight? Whether you’re in the mood for a croissant, a slice of cake or a biscuit, we’ve got all you need to satisfy your appetite.




Come down to your nearest Costa and bring a friend or two to celebrate this special day! Don’t forget to present your Costa Club app to continue earning those points!