5 Top tips for World Kindness Day

Today is a day when one of the most important human gestures is celebrated… it's World Kindness Day! To give this day the importance it deserves, we’ve come up with 5 top kindness tips for you to consider!


1. Be kind to YOURSELF

To truly understand the beauty of kindness, you must first learn to be kind to yourself. Be kind to your body by giving it the nourishment it deserves… eat healthy, go for a walk and take time to pamper yourself.

Don’t forget to spare some kindness for your mental state… instead of criticising yourself, use that mental energy to appreciate all your small achievements, as well as your talents and abilities that will help you get far in life.


2. Go out of your way

Whether you offer a lift to a friend or cover that shift for a colleague, who needs a night off, go out of your way to help someone in need. Although doing small favour can seem like too much to take on with today’s busy lifestyle, this is one of the most appreciated gestures of kindness!


3. Say thank you

Say thank you when someone gives way on the road, to your barista when your order is served and whenever someone goes out of their way for you. We often take other people’s actions for granted, and these two simple words of appreciation can make all the difference to another person’s day!


4. Donate to a charity

Thanks to the kindness that already exists in the world, there are many causes for which charities exist. Take some time to do your research, choose a cause that you can relate to and see how you can play your part.


5. Take time to listen to a friend in need

Make yourself available to meet a friend who needs a shoulder to cry on. Choose your nearest Costa outlet as your meeting place for a delicious warm beverage and some comfort food. The friendly ambience and your good advice will surely uplift your friend’s mood!


In celebration of this great day, we’d like to share this wonderful throwback with you…

Last year we were happy to find out that there are so many kind people out there! We conducted an experiment at Riviera Bay where an actor on crutches was trying to climb the many steps carrying a picnic cooler.  Do you think people helped him in that sweltering heat? They sure did! While some people supported him, others helped carry the picnic cooler, and some also offered him kind words of encouragement as he walked down the stairs.

Watch the full video here

Kindness doesn’t Costa thing!  Happy World Kindness Day!