Dear Tea lovers, this one’s for you.

Sip Sip Hooray, It’s soon International Tea Day!

This Sunday, 15th December, we will raise a cup to celebrate the incredible discovery of tea; the drink that has brought people together since the year 3000 BC!

The focal point of many conversations, the comfort to a weary heart and the small (but mighty) relief to a stressful day, the benefits of tea are never-ending.


So where did it all begin?

We owe our love for tea to the Chinese. Legend has it that around 5000 years ago, Shen Nung, the Emperor of China at the time noticed a green leaf settle into his bowl of boiling water. Much to his surprise, the leaf gave colour to the water, which we today, recognise as green tea.

Legend apart, ancient Chinese documents state that tea originated in China and was initially used as a medicinal drink. It was then brought to Europe in the 16th century and its popularity brewed in Britain 100 years later. Contrary to popular belief, it was then the British who introduced tea production to India, to compete with the success of China’s tea industry. 


How did International Tea Day come about?

Good question. This particular day was first celebrated in 2005. The reason behind it wasn’t merely a love for tea. It was actually founded to capture the government’s attention and create awareness of the effect that tea production and trade has on workers and growers. Today International Tea Day is organised by trade union movements which strive to obtain more support and fairtrade for tea workers.


Fair is fair

Here at Costa, we’re well aware of the negative and unfair impact that tea can have on its workers. We’d never be able to serve or enjoy a cup of tea with that on our conscience. That’s why we offer Clipper Teas, the world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand. Clipper Teas support over 100,000 tea workers and their families.


A Cupful of Fine Ingredients

A cup of tea should not only taste good, but it should also do you good. That’s why Costa’s teas are all organic and filled with the best quality ingredients to ensure you have a wholesome, healthy drink. We offer a range of flavours. Whether it’s a classic Earl Grey to warm the cockles, a calming chamomile drink to settle the soul or an organic peppermint infusion to awaken your senses, the choice is yours.

Wild berries tea

How are you celebrating?

Such an important day deserves to be celebrated. Whether it’s a tea party with friends, a tea tasting experience or merely a catch-up with friends over a cuppa, such an important day deserves to be celebrated.

We know we will! Come along to Costa and compliment your drink with a blueberry muffin, tray bakes or a gluten-free mince pie and you’ll be ready to par-tea!