New Year, New drinks!

2020 has begun and we hope you had a fabulous start to the new year.

For some, January can be a tough month, what with going back to work, school or studying after the festive season. Here at Costa, we’re all about cheering up our customers. That’s why we’ve been cooking up something delicious that will put a smile back on your faces.

Yes, you’ve guessed! Two brand new drinks to brighten any dull January day and start your new year on a high


For the Health-Conscious

Before you say, ‘’I’m on a diet’’, know that you can order all of your favourite Costa Drinks with plant-based milk, at no extra cost! Drink to your heart’s content without breaking those new year resolutions.

 Coconut Latte


For the Sweet-toothed

Want to impress your Instagram followers with an original hot-chocolate themed photo? Be the envy of them all with the new Costa Ruby Hot Chocolate. This hot drink has a fruity taste of strawberries and is served complete with a delicious swirl of whipped cream and strawberry pieces on top! Oh and did we mention, it’s pink!? Yes, it’s a perfect heart-warming hot choc that’s sweet, indulgent, fruity and #pink!

 Ruby hot chocolate

For the Hard-Core Coffee Lovers

Originating in Russia and named after a local coffee-customer, Rafael, the RAF coffee is made by whipping cream with sugar and espresso coffee. The result? A thicker, smoother and warmer drink than the regular coffee. Costa takes RAF coffee to another level by adding a hint of vanilla syrup to the coffee to make the drink extra tasty. You’ve got to try this one.

 RAF coffee

Whether you’re popping into Costa for a coffee catch-up with friends, working out of the office for a change of scenery or simply want a moment to yourself, treat yourself to Costa’s two new drinks and give yourself a moment to relax!