Workplace Workouts to the Rescue and More...

It’s 5 pm on a weekday. You’ve got through a day’s at work, crossed things off your to-do list, had a couple of productive meetings and successful conference calls. Great job!

But how do you feel physically? Fully charged, fit and toned? Or is your back strained from sitting down for too long, your eyes tired from too much screen time and your neck stiff from leaning towards your computer?


Say No More. We Get You.

You can relieve those achy muscles by doing a little exercise at the office. No, we’re not talking about a full-blown HIIT class. Instead, just a few discrete and simple workouts to get your muscles toned and stretched.


Here’s a list of tips and ideas to get you started.

  • 10 minutes = circa. 1000 steps

Unless you’re late, we suggest you park a little further away from the office. This will give you an extra 5-minute walk to work and another 5 minutes back. And just like that you’ve added, more or less, a thousand steps to your day. Simple.

  • Do Your Fitbit Proud

The convenience of technology such as emails, Whatsapps and calls can decrease the amount of walking we do. Here are a few more ideas to help you increase your step count:

  1. Instead of speaking to your colleague over the phone, why not walk to their desk? Furthermore, speed up your walk. This will increase your heart rate and burn more calories.
  2. Hold ‘walking meetings’. Get out of the board room and discuss those meeting points while taking a walk around the office. This could also increase your productivity and efficiency.
  3. If possible, walk to a bathroom that’s further away from your desk or potentially on another floor.
  4. Finally, walk to your nearest Costa to grab a coffee during your break, rather than taking the car. Not only will you increase your steps, but you’ll also help the environment and up your productivity – win, win, win!

Office Yoga

Don’t worry; we’re not expecting you to do a downward dog in the middle of the office. Discrete and straightforward yoga poses can help to alleviate muscle stiffness. Try out the seated backbend pose. Here’s how:

  1. Seated and with your feet on the floor, shift to the front edge of your chair, leaving a gap between your back and the chair.
  2. Put your arms behind you and grab the back of your chair
  3. Lean forward, keeping your elbows as straight as possible
  4. Pull your shoulder blades back and inhale. Allow your shoulders to relax.
  5. Release, exhale and sit up straight.

Under Desk Dynamics

To the world (i.e. your co-workers) you look like you’re working hard on that business proposal, but you know that you’re also secretly working hard on strengthening those abs and stretching your leg muscles. Here’s a leg and ab toning exercise for you to try without anybody noticing:

  1. Sit up straight and hold your ab muscles tight
  2. Lift one leg from the floor until it’s in line with your hip  
  3. Hold for ten seconds
  4. Lower your leg slowly
  5. Repeat 15 times
  6. Switch legs 

Ditch the Office Chair

Impress your colleagues with your fitness commitment and swap your office chair with a Pilates ball. Sitting on an exercise ball and maintaining a straight back forces you to hold a position and keep your muscles engaged. This is a great way to strengthen your core, decrease the stress on your lower back and improve your balance. Just remember not to slouch!

Don’t forget to drink!

While exercise is beneficial, drinking water is just as important. It’s essential for your kidneys and other body functions and can also help you lose weight. Plus, the more water you drink, the more trips to the bathroom!

Inhale, Exhale

While work can be stressful and you may feel like you’re too busy even to do a simple shoulder roll, we do request that you keep one thing in mind – take deep breaths! Breathe through your nose and out through your mouth. This can help you relax, relieve stress, stabilise your blood pressure and calm you down.

And Finally...

Don’t forget to laugh. Laughing tightens your stomach muscles and works your heart! It also helps to brighten your day, makes you feel more positive and makes your time at the office that bit more enjoyable!


Do you have any more ideas on how to increase your exercise while at work? Let us know in the comments.