RAF – Coffee delicate as silk!

Have you ever dreamed of a silky, smooth texture of your favourite coffee? Have you ever imagined a coffee as delicate as silk? This season Costa Coffee will surprise you with something unusual – an incredibly creamy beverage which will make your winter more enjoyable. Meet RAF Coffee – the silkiest Costa coffee ever!

The unusual story of the fantastic coffee

One day a man called Rafael Timerbaev preferred coffee with milk. So, during one of his visits at a Costa coffee shop — not realising the glory this moment would portend — he asked for a “good cup of coffee with milk”.

The barista, rising to the occasion of this open-ended request, mixed a shot of espresso with cream and sugar and steamed it all together. The drink became a habit for Timerbaev, and soon his friends were flocking to the same coffee shop to try the famous drink, asking the baristas to “Make the same drink you prepare for Rafael!” Or just “Raf”. One by one, they fell in love with it, at first sip.

 RAF- How to

That’s how the legend of a perfect and incredibly silky RAF Coffee was born. Today the RAF Coffee, known for its extraordinary soft consistency, can be prepared at any Costa Coffee store!

The secret of taste and texture

The RAF Coffee is so special because of its unique and original combination — it is different from other coffees with milk and cream because all its ingredients are whipped together, not separately. The surface is so silky that it seems like a feather which dropped atop would simply glide away! That’s why RAF Coffee guarantees a silky and creamy texture with a remarkable coffee flavour – says XXX, barista at Costa Coffee.

What’s more, RAF Coffee is the best choice for the winter season, when it’s freezing — there is nothing like being surrounded by the silk while enjoying the warmth of a soft coffee hug.

Coffee expertise  

We believe the Costa Coffee baristas are our best ambassadors. They are able to prepare the best Costa Coffee ever – silky, smooth and creamy RAF Coffee. Their exceptional skills, professionalism and years of experience can take you to the world of a real gentleness. Thanks to their passion and dedication, RAF Coffee gains the best taste ever – the perfect structure of a creamy beverage that hasn’t been at Costa Coffee stores before.

Trust our qualified coffee experts and come to Costa Coffee to taste a perfectly prepared RAF Coffee — the coffee delicate as silk!