Your Coffee Pairing Guide this Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Show yourself some love on the most romantic day of the year by treating yourself to some delicious Valentine-themed goodies. Whether you’re seeking some quiet time to yourself or on a date with your better half, these are the three pairings we recommend you try on this special day.  You can thank us later ;)

Ruby Hot Chocolate and Pink Marshmallow Doughnut 💕

Have you tried our latest Chocolate drink? It’s derived from the rear ruby cocoa bean which gives this hot chocolate its unique flavour. What’s more, the hot chocolate is perfectly pink and served complete with a thick swirl of cream topped with strawberry bits! Pair this with a heavenly pink marshmallow doughnut for the tastiest combination and ideal photo opp ;)

 Ruby Hot Chocolate & mellow doughnut

Latte with Coconut milk and a Vegan Hazelnut Cookie 🍪

This vegan-friendly pair is a match made in heaven. The silky-smooth texture of Costa’s coconut milk latte goes perfectly with the sweet taste of our vegan hazelnut cookie. You can never go wrong with this combo.

 Latte & vegan hazel cookie

Chai Latte and a brownie 💝

Spice up your day with a chai latte and brownie. This delicious blend of black tea, honey, aromatic spices and steamed milk compliments the thick, smooth chocolatey taste of Costa’s classic brownie. Yes, please!

Chai & brownie 

Whichever way you’re spending Valentine’s Day, these three Costa specials are bound to make your day that little bit more special <3

Happy Valentines Day 💕

the Costa Team x