Good news: People are kind!

At Costa we love a cheeky experiment. We like to mix different ingredients together to discover what new drinks recipes our baristas can come up with. We relish the chance to find new ways of making our customers happy in-store. And we also like to learn more about society at large… and that’s exactly what we did in our last great-fun experiment at Riviera Beach.

kindness 6

This was the concept…

We wanted to find out if people like to be kind. So, we set it all up. Working with an actor on crutches who was trying to get down to the beach while carrying a picnic cooler in the swelter heat, we wanted to know: would people help him? Well, we were thrilled to discover they would!

As captured on camera by the brilliant team at Three Wise Men, lots of people took time out of their day to help our gent get down to the beach. Some supported him, others helped carry the picnic cooler, and others still offered words of encouragement as he made his way down. It was a sight to behold, with so many people proving that kindness is something we are happy to share when we’re given the chance. It’s all about spreading positivity.

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The Costa reward…

And of course, as we always say at Costa: one good turn deserves another. So, the Costa team was waiting out of sight, ready with delicious cool drinks to reward all of the people that helped our hero in one way or another. And there were lots of them!

Every single person got to sample one of the cool drinks from our fabulous Summer 2018 menu – which included everything from two indulgent new Frostino flavours – Red Velvet and Salted Caramel – as well as some healthier options such as Fresh Berry Iced Tea, Espresso Tonic, and Fresh Iced Lemonade.

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More Costa to enjoy than ever

So, if you’re reading this and thinking you want to celebrate the fact that people are kind, and you fancy one of our delicious summer drinks (or even a hot one)… we’ve got even more good news to share! Our brand-new Mriehel outlet is now open – and it’s bigger and better than anything you could imagine… delicious savoury food, all our hot drinks, and lots and lots of space for you to log-on, charge up and get work done, hang out with friends, read a book, or just sit back and relax.

Oh, and don't forget that all our Costa outlets are 100% pet friendly, so Fido is just as welcome to enjoy some Costa kindness as you are!

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