A Brand New Limited Edition Drink, Just In Time For Carnival!

Carnival is here and it’s time to get creative. Dress up, paint your face, break the rules(kind of) but most importantly, have fun!

Here at Costa Coffee, we’re doing just that. We’re celebrating Carnival with a little bit of originality by creating a super special, limited edition Carnival-themed drink. It’s full of all things yummy and is inspired by Maltese tradition.

Sounds familiar? Yes. You’ve guessed correctly! It’s a Prinjolata drink.

Prinjolata Frostino 

‘Prinjo’ what?

Prinjolata is a traditional Maltese dessert made especially for Carnival week. It’s characterized by a very distinct dome shape and its ingredients include cream, condensed milk, biscuits, pine nuts and citrus peel, amongst others. If that’s not enough, it’s then covered in meringue, melted chocolate, more pine nuts and glacé cherries. Yum!

How did it all begin?

This traditional dessert dates back to the time of the Knights in the 1500s. It was prepared as a sweet treat to be eaten during Carnival, a time for festivity and gluttony before the period of Lent, sacrifice and fasting set in.

Costa’s Take on Maltese Tradition

Back to the present day, we’ve tried our very best to make this drink look and taste like an actual prinjolata... It’s basically carnival in a cup, the answer to any sweet-tooth’s prayer.

Enjoy it Whilst you Can

The Prinjolata drink won’t be around forever. This special drink is available for a limited time only at all Costa stores from 19th February until the 26th of February.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry down to Costa to capture this beautifully instagrammable (#prinjolata), handcrafted Carnival treat!