We're back with more love(points) <3

Good afternoon coffee lovers, we hope you had a great start to your week 🥰

After seven months of successfully running Costa Club Malta, it is now time to ramp things up and start introducing new incentives to continue giving back to our loyal customers. We're introducing a new points system which gives you more points based on the frequency of your visits.

Up until now, customers were getting 5 points for every euro spent in stores, as of today, customers will be getting more points based on the frequency of their visits.

Points Updates

The 30 days are rolling and not fixed, so every purchase triggers an extension of a 30 day period. We're looking forward to seeing you in our stores and stay tuned on our social channels as we'll soon be sharing some great news and more amazing offers 😱

Please do not hesitate to send any questions to marketing@costamalta.com