BOY 2022/23

Hello! :)
My name is Luke Ebejer, I am 19 years old from Malta and today I will be showing you all my speciality drink called 'Bronic'. The name 'Bronic' came from the words 'brew' and 'tonic' as my drink contains a beer and coffee infusion and tonic water.
Below you may find all the steps of how I created my Beer & Coffee Infusion:
Step 1: I started by adding 660ml of non-alcoholic Cisk Beer to a Hario Jug
step 2 - bronic
Step 2: I am now going to place 50grams of finely ground coffee in the filter. By finely ground I mean that when conducting a grind check it gives me a Ristretto shot, so 20ml x 2 in 20seconds, rather than a proper Espresso shot. Reason why I am using this kind of grind because the coffee taste when brewed with the beer will be stronger and can be tasted better
Step 4: Once coffee is placed inside the filter, an additional 330ml of non-alcoholic beer is placed on top, whilst mixing the beer and coffee gently with a long teaspoon, so as to make sure that all coffee grounds get infused with the beer
Step 5: Hario Jug will be left to brew for 20 hours at room temperature. After that, coffee filter will be removed and we will be left with the Beer & Coffee Infusion


The beer used for the brew is a local beer which is very popular in Malta, called 'Cisk'. As stated before, for this drink we used the non-alcoholic version. 


The name 'Cisk' was born our of mispronunciation; Scicluna had their own bank and at the time cheques were introduced. Customers at the time were opting for cheques as a form of payment, however due to semi-literate people from different areas, the word 'Cisk' came out and Scicluna was known by that nickname. In 1929, the bank took over operations of a client who had the license to manufacture beer, which is when 'The Malta Export Brewery' was born. Just like Costa, which was founded by two brothers back in 1971, Cisk was also established by a family, so both back stories of this drink's main ingredients come from a family's hard work and success.