Sharing the #costalove

If you’ve never visited a Costa Coffee here in Malta, we don’t believe you, but just in case it’s true, then February is the perfect month to give it a hug….er…. try.

We are putting our best foot forward and inviting all those who feel love in their hearts to come for a heart-warming beverage at one of the several Costa Coffee shops on the island.

val img 3


Whether you want to share an intimate snack with your beloved (hint hint – stop at our store in Spinola) or want to pause for a break in between shopping for that special Valentine’s Day pressie (another hint hint – come shop at Baystreet, PAMA or The Point, where Costa Coffee also awaits you), Costa has the right fix for you.

And we intend to keep Cupid happily doing business especially on Valentine’s Day, by coming up with our very own custom-created cuddly heart-shaped Costa cookies, plus candy-cute fluffy pink doughnuts – baked to perfection just for you.

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It is up to you to decide to invite somebody extra special to stop over something as passionate as a classic Costa Espresso, or perhaps celebrate with something tangibly more enticing for this very intimate occasion - this might be the day to give the Costa Toffee Spiced Latte Drink a try.

At Costa we really do our best to help Cupid along. Because we sincerely believe that Valentine’s is not just for lovers, but for anyone who deserves to be loved – practically everybody on the island! You and your partner; you and your husband; you and your bestie; you and your mum; even you and your puppy… yes we love to see how you love your pets in our coffee shops, thanks to our very own dog friendly policy.  

Don’t we just love everybody!

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