Meet at Mriehel? Yes for a Costa!

If you’re feeling depleted and need to charge your battery, Costa Coffee has thought well to open a new shop in a prominent location that is so centrally convenient for business, leisure or shopping pleasure... Mriehel. While the depleted battery may be yours, we have also thought of your phones and laptops, providing not just great wi-fi connection, but also a power plug-in at each of our tables for easy charging.

 mriehel 1

This coffee shop is expansive, quiet and created with positivity and productivity in mind. Since September last year, this is still the only Costa Coffee which offers the novelty of open food display, where we offer a variety of freshly prepared healthy salads, baguettes, soups, pies and so much more…


We kick-off as early as 7.30am on working days, just to suit all you early risers.

So, if it's going to be a breakfast meeting, you and your business partners can sit at one of the several shared tables to meet and greet; or you can opt to book a Costa meeting pod instead. This is where you can enjoy a secluded meeting seating area that allows a maximum of eight coffee lovers to avail themselves not just of food and beverages, but also of TV screens for presentations or the sharing of visual information.


And if you’re just whizzing by, we offer the simple pleasures of the coffee pit stop - just drop in to fill up your travel mug..... it is an excellent way of contributing towards saving the planet while benefiting from a 15% discount courtesy of Costa Coffee. We do appreciate your sensitivity to climate change.


Costa Coffee Mriehal has really thought it all out for you. As the days get warmer, you can bask in the sunshine and fresh air at this outlet's outside terrace which offers sun and shade in equal proportions. How about stopping by today? We close the shop at 9 pm!

Booking of meeting pods can be done in advance by emailing ccm-mriehel@