Kindness doesn't Costa thing

Costa Coffee Malta, headed out to one of Malta's most beautiful locations, Riviera beach, to conduct a social experiment and test people's kindness.

The idea was simple… Will people stop to help a man on crutches, holding a drinks cooler climb hundreds of steps in the sweltering heat? … The experiment was carried out with the intention of rewarding people’s kindness and documented with the objective of generating even more positivity.

Costa Coffee Malta, together with Three Wise Man, captured all of this on camera and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Pay it forward! … Costa Coffee Malta will be donating €0.50c* towards the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation for every share of the clip from their on Facebook page.

Kindness doesn't Costa thing....Pay it forward <3  

*A maximum of €5,000 will be donated to the MCCFF